"William Hart Strecker apparently never heard the bittersweet old line, spread mostly by musicians, that by the time you’re old enough to understand songs, you’re not young enough to play them any more. Strecker is the exhilarating converse to this line. He’s old enough to be writing lovely songs like “Ancient Lullabye” and “Sweet Magnolia Time” while singing and playing them beautifully. They’re also smart songs, tempered by living and still leavened by dreams. They’re folk, rock and country, and they’re a welcome breeze for anyone who simply enjoys a good record."
David Hinckley
NY Daily News

William Hart Strecker’s All This Dreaming
Debuts Live at the Cutting Room, NYC

NEW YORK, April 14, 2004 – William Hart Strecker, singer, songwriter and best-kept secret in the music world, celebrates the release of his new CD, All This Dreaming, with a showcase performance by his fiercely talented band at The Cutting Room.

All This Dreaming heralds the arrival – once again – of a unique musician whose life is the stuff great songs are made of. William Hart Strecker embraced the whole dues-paying, starving artist, sell-your-soul, look-out-world-here-I-come, struggling musician’s life; rode it out to the edge of a breakthrough; and then turned his back on it, opting for family and a non-music career. A tipping point worthy of a biopic screenwriter – a life-threatening car crash – brought Bill back to the world of music. And those lucky enough to hear him sing and play at the Cutting Room will witness the full-on force of his return.

William Hart Strecker’s bandmates on All This Dreaming are some of the most sought-after musicians in the contemporary recording and touring universe. Drew Zingg (Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Lucy Kaplansky) plays guitar. Chris Eminizer (Janet Jackson, Paul Simon, Julia Darling) plays saxophone, guitar, keyboards, and shares writing credits with Bill. Ken Rich (Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Julia Darling) plays bass and produced the CD. Frank Vilardi (Rosanne Cash, Suzanne Vega, Rod Stewart) is on drums. And George Laks (Lenny Kravitz, Joan Osborne, Natalie Merchant) plays keyboards.

All This Dreaming was recorded at Long View Farm Studios in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Produced by Ken Rich. Recorded and mixed by Pete Keppler.
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"How unusual it is to come across the likes of William Hart Strecker! The man's songs speak to and from the heart. I have a saying; when music is that good the person making same has "the gift". I am not a religious person but when I hear Bill I am reminded there must be a God somewhere. Please listen to Bill, he will make your world better!"
Euphoria Productions
Rehearsal/Dat Recording

"The new album from WILLIAM HART STRECKER is by far one of my favorite records of this past year. It demonstrates solid craftsmanship from top to bottom, great musical talent and production as good as anything out there on the shelves. STRECKER’S voice is magical and like a great acoustic guitar has gained character and richness from the earlier days when I first heard him crooning the honkytonks of the Vermont Mountains. In a new era of “one hit wonders” and download expendables, WILLIAM has proven that an album with depth will remain timeless and always survive and that the merit of an artist is shown by what he delivers in each and every effort. After several revisits to this album I kept finding a new favorite track to latch on to, only to change my mind again the next time. This is rare for me and one of the reasons why this disc will remain close to my CD player for a long time to come. Share this music with a friend and watch it grow."
Dan Russo
Sanctuary Records Group

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