William Hart Strecker: Smoke and Clouds

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1. Round and Round
2. California Dreaming
3. Anna Belle
4. Things Don't Always Turn Out Like You Plan
5. Slow Down Darlin'
6. Time to Say Goodbye
7. Smoke and Clouds
8. How Strong (Do I Need to Be)
9. Waking Dream
10. Take Me Back
11. Where is the Light
12. Please Believe Me
13. The Waiting's Over

William Hart Strecker: All This Dreaming

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1. Ancient Lullaby
2. Hey Loretta
3. Think About It
4. Same Old Story
5. Santa Fe
6. Hard To Hide
7. Had a Good Time
8. Sweet Magnolia Time
9. Every Time I Smile
10. Believe In You
11. Don't Look Now
12. What You Mean To Me
13. All This Dreaming


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"Ancient Lullaby"


William Hart Strecker: Keep on Lovin'

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1. Hard to Hide
2. Little Bit of Faith
3. Try a Little Tenderness
4. Keep on Lovin'
5. Blinded
6. Fool for Love
7. Something Good
8. One of a Kind
9. Over the Rainbow

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